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  • durable solid-aluminium garage door

  • no swinging outwards, more space in front of the garage

  • manufactured to the required dimensions, accurate to within a millimetre

  • door curtain with individual slats

  • vertical profile arrangement for high surface stability

  • only 5 cm of space required in the lintel area, you only lose 5 cm at the top

  • bottom rail can be sunk into the floor if necessary

  • opening width of up to 562 cm for a single door

  • extra-large opening width of up to 11 m for a double door

  • lateral turning radius of just 13 cm

  • Style variants: 75° and 105°

  • 12 standard colours and 36 Renolit special colours


Standard features:

  • radio-remote control

  • obstacle-detection sensors

  • motor with anti-opening lock

  • silent-running system (LLS)

  • two programmable opening widths (door and gate effect)

  • integrated internal garage lighting

  • soft-closing for silent, gentle running of the door

  • bottom slat with 22-mm tubular gasket


Optional features:

  • emergency unlock inside/outside

  • solar operation and storage battery operation

  • viewing-window profiles

  • numeric code sensor

  • range of accessories to extend your sensors and transmitters


TÜV-certified, manufactured according to DIN-EN safety standards


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