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(picutured here without pelmet box to illustrate internal workings)

Product ID: Commercial Shutter

The optimal solution for shop fronts or garage doors.


The small profile shutter box offers the ideal solution to overhead space loss associated with other garage door systems. The shutter box is up to 54% smaller than other slat systems and even smaller again a conventional garage door. Meaning your pride and joy can securely in your garage without the need for costly renovations. 

Strong aluminium material and security locking ensure excellent burglary prevention at shop fronts and homes.

The single wall aluminium profile extruded blades are extremely resistant to brute force attacks  and cyclone strength winds.

Colour is only limited by imagination Blades and up rights can be powder coated to suit

Blades are side fastened with security wind lock screw with nylon bushes, adding to the security strength of the door and improving it's anti tamper rating.
Maximum width: 5.8m 


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