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Quality like no other

The high quality of the Alulux aluminium Roller Shutter is ensured by the latest manufacturing machinery and by continuous testing throughout the manufacturing process.

The aluminium material is meticulously tested throughout the roll forming process with the properties of the aluminium examined. The roll forming process is tightly controlled to ensure the slat is shaped to exact specifications. The high quality RAL paint is colour matched, applied in thick coats then tested for adherence to the aluminium material. This exacting process ensures no blemishes or 'orange peel' and no changes in the shade of paint from batch to batch or product to product. The Roller Shutter slats are then injected with a high strength foam and the proper procedures for polyurethane injection are followed to ensure not only complete coverage but also protect the environment.

The finished product is the sampled again to check it's conformality with exacting Alulux manufacturing specifications and European Standards (DIN-EN 13241-1).

The resulting product exceeds Australian Standards and thrives in tough Australian conditions. You can be sure that an Alulux Roller Shutter will stand the test of time, protecting your home from harsh UV rays. The Alulux aluminium Roller Shutter is perfect for the Australian climate. The aluminium is lightweight yet robust with excellent anti corrosion characteristics and unlike steel; aluminium will not rust, making it perfect for coastal environments. The shutter saves energy, insulating your home keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. The cfc-free polyurethane foam filling acts to insulate your home from noise that would normally travel through your window, guaranteeing quiet, resonance free operation. Paired with a German designed and TUV certified Australia's Smarter Motor (over 80,000 sold in Australia) there are a wealth of motorization and automation options available.

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