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Insulated Energy Saving Roller Shutters

We provide wholesale thermal insulated roller shutters in Western Australia which have high energy efficiency rating.

Keep the heat out in summer and the cold out in winter.

Our energy efficient Alulux CD142 and CD942 profiles are injected with a thermally insulated foam that traps a cushion of air between window and roller shutter and prevents the outside elements creeping in. Using roller shutters can increase the insulation efficiency of your windows by up to 45% and this optimisation really is worth hard cash! Windows are responsible for approximately 45% of thermal energy loss despite only making up 10% of your homes surface. This energy loss is amplified by how large or how many windows your home has.

Rising energy costs in recent years have also led to an increase in general construction standards and individual environmental awareness. Aluminium roller shutters are an effective, sustainable and simple way to make the most of the energy saving opportunities and to boost your feel-good factor

Investment in the future An investment in thermally insulated aluminium roller shutters is well worth it in the long term and you should see a return within just a few years. Therefore, invest in quality and plan your new-build project energy efficiently. If you want to modernise your property, installing an aluminium roller shutter system is an eco-friendly step into the future. Saving the environment and your hip pocket through lowered electricity usage.

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